Its size

The coexistence of different cultures over the centuries has turned Murcia into an an open and welcoming city that invites you to stroll under an ever-blue sky. The convenient and accessible city centre allows you to get to know it in a short walk or by bicycle. The neighbourhoods of Carmen and Vistabella, close to the centre and full of charm, are also worth a visit.

tranvía pasando junto a un parque

Its infrastructure

Murcia is a university city, upbeat and full of life. Home to the main institutions of the regional government and headquarters of major national companies. Transport links are the backbone of the main points of the municipality.

Its gastronomy

Murcian cuisine is rich in the virtues of the Mediterranean diet and combines tradition and creativity with exceptional ingredients. Going for tapas in Murcia is a real pleasure, and the outdoor terraces are enjoyed all year round. The offerings from top class restaurants are wide and varied. On their menus you’ll find everything from traditional stews to highly sophisticated dishes, often based on the excellent products of the Murcian countryside.


Its heritage

Murcia is a historic city where the legacy of the three cultures that have inhabited it can be appreciated in its streets, squares and monuments. The Arab, Jewish and Christian cultures have left their mark on the city, with beautiful examples of artistic works ranging from the Andalusian culture, to the splendour of the baroque, and neoclassical trends from the 19th century.

Its climate

One of the most characteristic aspects of Murcia are its constant blue skies, and the bright sunlight that permeates the city and its countryside.
More than 300 days of sunshine per year and an average annual temperature of 19°C The good weather is just one more reason to plan a visit at any time of year. In Murcia you can enjoy open terraces and outdoor activities throughout the year.


Its surroundings

Just six kilometres from Murcia is the Regional Park of El Valle and Sierra de Carrascoy, a space in the heart of nature where you can enjoy hiking trails, archaeological sites and excellent views of the Valley of Murcia. With excellent views of the Valley of Murcia, you can also find here the Sanctuary of la Fuensanta, a prized baroque temple located at the foot of the mountains, and the peak of La Panocha, a rock formation perfect for climbing.

Its celebrations

Throughout the year, Murcia celebrates a number of festivals which have been designated as of International Tourist Interest, such as Holy Week, the Bando de la Huerta and the Burial of the Sardine. There’s also the Moors and Christians parade, noted for its history and stunning displays, and the traditional September Fair, granted by King Alfonso X the Wise to the city.

Discover Murcia

fachada de la catedral de Murcia

La catedral

Pasteles de carne

desfile de moros y cristianos

Moros y Cristianos


Belén de Salzillo

Santuario de La Fuensanta




El Río Segura

Fortaleza y Cristo de Monteagudo

Castillo de Monteagudo

plaza santo domingo


sendero en un bosque de pinos

El Valle



claustro de La Merced


puente viejo al atardecer

El puente viejo

escultura de mujer en un jardín

Esculturas Campillo

baile regional

Bando de la Huerta



escultura de Alfonso X

Alfonso X El Sabio

Huertanas con flores en una carroza

Batalla de las Flores

guiso típico


butacas y escenario del teatro

Teatro Romea

procesión por el centro de Murcia

Semana Santa

cazuelita de michirones


muralla árabe

Muralla Árabe


Entierro de la Sardina

Countless spaces to enjoy the light.

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